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LOG BOOK: a sound diary    Visual artists and writers traditionally use notebooks, sketch books, diaries, log books, to prepare their future works, to report details, informations, to record events, experiences, impressions. Whether this material is later used in a broader shape, in a further development — novel, paintings, installations, — or let aside, doesn’t change the fragmentary character, its roughness, its openness and incompleteness. In music this idea of a sub work, a parallel and regular activity is not so common, it’s usually reduced to sketches, the first notes Beethoven wrote for his famous 9th symphony for instance. WHAT IS "LOG BOOK"?    I had the idea of making a sound diary/note book since a few years, documenting my life in Berlin. Actually it started even earlier, since i've been using autobiographical material since 2000.  The material is either voices, mine, my surroundings, conversations, radio snaps, stolen fragments of talks, and field recordings

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