I'm extremely proud to be able to present the print of the first volume of my Encyclopaedia!

It'S published by Glaconpublishing(.com) and they did a magnificent job!

320 pages in colour ! 21x28 cm, 1kg300. What more can one wish in this world????



A new website for the Encyclopaedia


Commisioned by the Ensemble Mosaik, this website is dedicated to some recent researches on music.

The Right Ear

  A music theatre show, with Ensemble Garage

There is usually a golden rule in film, not to show how things are done. In The Right Ear, which could be described as ‘manual cinema’, on the contrary, all the artifices are revealed, inviting us to observe the process close-up, with decors in the form of models arranged on consoles used to create the sound effects live. A satire on modern life tinged with dark humour, in which we follow the absurd mechanics of a character caught red-handed in flagrant consumerism.