MARIO BOSSI online, at last

During my stay in Darmstadt, in 2016, i was invited to work in the archive.
What i found there was beyond my expectations.
At first, in my naive enthousiasm, i showed my discoveries to everybody who could be interested: musicologists, musicians, directors, conductors, journalists.
But the reception was colder than ice.
I soon found out that these discoveries are too shocking to be accepted in the music societies, because they disrupt and attack the main values and certainties of our XX century music approach. So of course, who is ready to accept that he or she was wrong from the beginning?
I even received direct attacks from the Brugnon Society, accusing me of spreading Fake News!
Now i´m left alone with this truth, and with no surprise, nobody wants to hear of it.
It´s okay with me, i lost hope to establish any kind of truth in the domain of musicology and music history... i keep peaceful and silent at home, changing some details in my translation from english of the Music of Melancholia (1634) by David Fludd (Robert Fludd´s uncle).

Here one will find my only public presentation of the result of this research.


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