SITUATIONS general notes and gestures

Francois Sarhan
general notes

The series of Situations are made for any musical performer, with minimal or non existent props, for a closed space.
Although it seems that the score leaves a lot of freedom, i strongly recommend to stick on the score and not to add, invent or adapt gestures, mimics, grimaces, etc.
The more sober the better.

The Situations use a set of gestures numbered from 0 to 20, which are described below.
In case a specific Situation uses other gestures, a note is inserted in the score.
The left or right gesture is generally not indicated, and is the choice of the performer. However if it is indicated, this indication is to be carefully followed.

The hands are to be between the belt and the shoulders in height, except for 18 and 19 whoch can be slightly higher.

0 : neutral, relaxed position, whatever comes before or after.

1 : as if to start talking, hand towards the audience, palm open towards ceiling.

2 : hand vertical, palm facing the audience, "stop", "no"
2bis : shake the index “no no no”

3 : palm towards the floor, drop the arms towards 0

4 : index up "listen", "but".

5 : index and thumb on the chin, thoughtful, doubtful.
"rub" in this case means a small action of the fingers against the skin,
keeping the hand still

6 : hand flat, pointing at the chest, as to say "me"

7 : flat hand against the chest, as to say "ooh great", "thank you"

8 : slowly raise hand (opposite to 3)

9 : same than 2, but with thumb and middle finger joined

10 : fist

11 : hand softly pending, horizontal forearm

12 : vertical hand, flat fingers except index and thumb, joined : “perfect”

13 : like 1, but with ring finger folded

14 : in position for singing/playing. freeze at the exact moment where the sound should come out.

15 : shrug

16 : hand covers the mouth

17 . index in front of mouth ("shhhh")

18 : hand clap

19 : finger snap

20 : arms up, greeting a crowd, or praising

all these gestures can produce sound or not.

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