Remember that your support makes the living of artists possible! 
Youtube, spotify etc. are fantastic tools, but they pretend that art is free, for free, and that´s not true!
The royalties and commissions are the only way artists can PRODUCE THEMSELVES what they want to do!
So, remember that to produce a piece, a CD, a movie, a book, we, artists, we need your support. Thank you thank you thank you....
This is a series of items that you can purchase by contacting me directly here: francois.sarhan{at}yahoo.fr

BOOKS & objects

 ENCYCLOPAEDIA VOLUME 3, the box (deluxe version)
400 pages hand made book of the volume 3 of the Encyclopaedia, all-colour collages fac-simile, with more than 40 original collages
languages: french or english
goodies: compass, gloves, maps
all included in a beautiful handmade box by Lunetta Bartz in Johannesburg.


Yes! Believe it or not, the CD still exists (sort of)

 This CD was released in 2012, with music performed by Ictus Ensemble and my little combo CRWTH.
The two pieces presented are carefully mixed by Jean Luc Plouvier himself for the Ictus piece, and Matthieu Metzger and Jarek Frankowsky for the other one, Orloff.
Here is a sample of the first piece, performed by Scenatet.


all are here

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