the suitcase, first steps

The Suitcase is a show/project/movie, in 3 episodes, plus a prologue.
I wrote the script, and will shoot the movie with the team of Moers Schloss theater, plus Ernst Surberg and Janina Akhmetova as extra actors.
Them ovie will be made with Tobi Jall, who will be in charge of the camera, and the light. 

This first stage shows the preparation of the movie, namely the making of the set (Bühne Bild)

 These are models, about 50 cm x 50 cm big.
The objects are in paper. printed paper.

 Here are real sizer cars, in paper as well.
The actors will perform in a black box, inside these cars for instance, or other decors made of paper cuts.

 this is an example of how it looks combining 2 paper layers.


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