the magnetic fields, jan svankmajer

For the second time, Prague Modern performed the show called Les Champs Magnétiques de Jan Švankmajer (J.S' magnetic fields). This was in Orléans, on the 8th of december.

The first time was in Prague, in may, with mr Švankmajer himself in the room. see here.

The show is made of 5 short movies (Peaceful week at home, the Flat, food, dialogs, and darkness-light-darkness). I've composed new music for these movies, or, in the case of the flat, there is almost no music, but two sound makers do the sound track in REAL TIME on stage.

Between the movies, there are 4 short interludes, made of a selection from Švankmajer's decalog, performed/said by the musicians themselves.

These live interventions are made in a way that the performers seem to be extracted from the movies : they are dressed in this old fashioned czech style one can see in Food, for instance. And their physical activity is connected to the mechanical movements of the characters in the movies.

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