the last light house keepers

This is a link to a short editing of the Last lighthouse Keepers, show made in Bergen, march 2014.
With Mark Knoop, Adam Rosenblatt and Céline Bernard.


The lighthouse is a sign of recognition and safety, on the edge of the unknown and danger.  The strength and slowness of the light ray gives a compacity to it. Although it is useless nowadays, some are still working, and the last lighthouse keepers have a practice, a job, a habitus which will soon be lost.
Identically, i consider artistic activity to be disappearing from the world. Not under its most conventional forms, but precisely because of its exposure and the multiplication of facilities, media and technic; if we consider art as a individual practice, not made for any commercial developement, a space where everything is possible, then artists are like the last lighthouse keepers, showing roving light on the abysses of the unconscious to the growing rationalist and materialist world.

The show is a mere development of this metaphor.
The audience is in the middle of the room, and above, the lighthouse bulb enlights, reveals the unknown external forces, materialized by the performers and the set design. Starting from a unfinished speech to the audience, the performers little by little transform into dreamlike creatures, unsuccessfully looking for order, significant boundaries which are given by the rhythm of the central turning light.
They change actions, transform, mutate from music to gestures, texts, etc. and this transformation moves from performer one to another. Like in the old alchemy traditions, the transformation of material has an influence on the body. Here the performers mute into objects, and establish a relation to the design which dilutes their personality into elements of a psyche, until a final point of explosion.

François Sarhan, may 2014


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