lachez tout first steps

A new show, to be premiered in november 2013 in Scotland.
Includes a long movie, animation, music (Red Note is playing).
LACHEZ TOUT is the story of a man (Bobok, played by Claudio Stellato) who reads the Encyclopaedia, and who takes it very seriously.


His readings leads him to build a bomb, and to place it in strategic location.

 Wannes Gyselinck as clock shop worker.

Bobok reading the Encyclopaedia hidden.

Perfect strangers provoked by the reading of the book.

Claudio Stellato entering his Wunderkammer.

Animation and photos shooted in Nirox Foundation South Africa,

This animation movie will use a personal interpretation of a Sade text.

Magdalena Steinlein (to come !)
and some friendly people met in various locations.

It is produced by LOD

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