enough already, shooting sessions

This room full of works, an installation room indeed, was made by Hans Langner, German artist.
He started his artist career in 1990-1994, and has a commercial background.
He has a huge body of painted works, but this room is more of a assemblage of used objects, which are literally packed.
The room is quite small, about 15 m2, but it is totally full.



This wonderful work can be seen at the Ghislain museum, Ghent.
A scene of LACHEZ TOUT ! was shot there, thanks to the authorization of the direction.

These costumes were created by Astrid Michaelis, under the influence of the rural carnavals as shown by Fréger in his book Wildermann.

These pages are from an animation about the bankers.
This text is available on wikiglacon.org

Magdalena Steinlein and Claudio Stellato in LACHEZ TOUT !

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